Halloween Party highlight

This Is what happens when SNS throws there first Annual Halloween Party! Everyone that came can vouch we always add a little extra when we are hosting something for our guest. 

Event Set Up Meeting Promo

We are Entrepreneurs here Now, helping each other accomplish limitless obstacles with our dedication to teamwork and family like environment. 

Standing with Puerto Rico

Standing with our fellow latinos going through some turmoil. Unity is the link to success in a world meant to keep us divide. SNS shows our empathy and love.

“A Night to network

SNS partnered up with Goldhorn Brewery for  our  very  first  networking  event  “A  night  to  network”   August 31st

Standing Up

SNS standing up in Downtown Cleveland for the less fortunate kids without homes and supplies. We are all stronger as a family. We are all Struggling but we can make the struggle easier if we work together. 

SNS at GoldHorn Brewery

SNS partnered up with Goldhorn Brewery to make our First open meeting to the public a very warming one.